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Four Advantages to Building A House

Have you looked at the houses for sale online over and over, visited open houses, and nothing is what you're looking for? Have you looked at show homes that were being built in new subdivisions?  Building a house may be a better option for you than buying an existing home.

Here are 4 Advantages to Buying a House: 


Customized.  With the resale housing market, buyers visit dozens of listings to try and find the perfect house. Moving into an existing property can come with hidden costs, as certain aspects of the home could need significant upgrades that might not be entirely obvious during the purchasing phase. Building a house gives buyers the ability to customize their home to suit their needs.  It’s easy to see what you can add when you’re using project management software for construction of your house. You can add features like custom counter-tops and upgraded flooring for an extra few thousand dollars. As a bonus, you get to pick out your lot in the new subdivision.


Affordable.  You've heard horror stories of buyers going way over budget with a new house, but the builder will quote you a base price and they will work with their team to stick to your budget.   Also, if your furnace and air conditioner are new, you can save a few hundred dollars a year by omitting the service plan normally carried with an older system. Additionally, you can tap into some homeowners insurance savings.


Energy Efficient.  A new house gives you the latest in energy saving appliances and building code standards.  Your new house could be twice the size of your old one, yet your utility bills could be 10% less than before.  Energy and environmentally efficient features included; high efficiency direct vented furnace, high efficiency power vented hot water tank, double pane low E windows, insulated overhead garage door, and energy efficient spacing on framing. 


Not-So-Obvious Benefits. Building a community with your new neighbors is often overlooked. Since everyone in the neighborhood is relatively new, great bonds can be formed over the years with your new neighbors. Entertaining is easier because new homes often have an open floor plan that supports large groups. Additionally, older buildings often have some illogical design elements, like having to walk through a bedroom to reach a communal bathroom that newer homes won’t have. You create your home from the start and you don’t have to deal with the decorating styles of the previous owner.


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